Foscam DC Power Extension Cord 12V  2.1/5.5mm 3M White

Foscam DC Power Extension Cord 12V 2.1/5.5mm 3M White

Brand: Foscam
Product Code: Power Cord white 12V_3m_--2.1/5.5mm
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Extension Cord (22WAG, 3 meters) WHITE for Foscam 12-Volt IP Cameras
-Color: White

2.1mm x 5.5mm DC extension cord for power adapter.

Male: 2.1mm (inner dia.) x 5.5mm (outer dia.) plug, Female: Accepts 2.1mm x 5.5mm plug

This cable will only work with power adapter with 2.1mm x 5.5mm plug and not other sizes.

Extend your camera's regular DC power supply to up to 4 meters in total! This power supply extension cord works for all Foscam cameras running on 12-Volt power.

This cable supports and is not limited to the following.

Foscam models FI8919, FI8602W, FI8620, FI9801, FI9802, FI9804, FI9805, FI9803, FI9903 and FI9828 are supported as they are running on 12-Volt power.

Please check your power adapter voltage before you purchase. Max one extension per camera is recommended. More than one extension may cause voltage drop and the camera unstable. 


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